Advanced Serial Data Logger

Advanced Serial Data Logger

Serial Port Data Logger

Advanced Serial Data Logger is a software data logger application capable of providing comprehensive information about data transfers and data packets transmitted through any serial port on your computer.

This program provides real-time information to users about data collected from any serial device or instrument. Advanced Serial Data Logger is capable of logging multiple serial ports including RS232, RS485 and RS422, so that you can have log information even if multiple external serial devices are plugged.

This logging software supports RS-485 protocol to handle RTS signals and control the direction of data flow. Also, this software has a spy or sniffer mode that allows you to monitor data exchange between an external device and currently running software.

Advanced Serial Data Logger is a customizable program with flexible parameters and extended logging features. You can define custom parameters for hardware and software flow control and change settings on logs, including sent and received data output, time, data, size and more.

Other features of the program include plugin support, auto program restart, Office product integration for log file and multiple OS version support.

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Advanced Serial Data Logger


Advanced Serial Data Logger

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